Are you ready for an all-in-one business management solution?

Our Dubsado Bespoke Packages are for you!

With our Dubsado Bespoke Packages, we will show you how to create your packages, your forms, your schedulers, and more!

…and yes, that includes workflows!


Why Dubsado?

Dubsado Services

    Dubsado Is A Business Management Solution For You & Your Business!

    Let me tell you why…

    Do you have an Email Inbox? A Calendar? Invoicing System? Documents? PDF’s? Contracts? Questionnaires? CRM? Spreadsheets?

    Maybe many of these?

    The list goes on right?

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have all of these things stored where your clients are stored? Where you can manage things in one place?


    I want to share with you firsthand, that the idea of having Dubsado set up for my business was revolutionary. 


    I had been torn with Dubsado for so long but never took that leap until recently and all I can say is, it’s a complete game changer!!!

    The idea of having all your ducks in a row and streamlined isn’t just an idea, it’s actually possible.

    My biggest piece of advice to you is, don’t wait to get your systems set up in several different places that probably cost the same as Dubsado, make that decision now to have things streamlined, organised, and automated from day one.

    Let’s give you a quick tour…

    Let’s look at what’s involved…

    The Basic Process

    • We’ll start off with a Kick-Off Meeting to discuss how you want your Dubsado set up for you and what systems you want to use with your Dubsado
    • We will then email you your initial bespoke operations workbook so that you can start to build your Dubsado
    • You can now connect your current or new software systems that you want to use, as well as create your packages, canned emails, forms etc. These don’t have to be perfect, just the basics, ready for the next steps.
    • We will then get together for the Implementation and Training Meeting where we will check what you’ve set up and create your first workflow (this will be recorded for you to keep and watch back)
    • Finally, we’ll create your final bespoke operations workbook with what we implemented and you can continue what we have set up to finalise your Dubsado Operations.

    We will be here for 1-month of support where you need it.

    How long does it take to set up?

    How long is a piece of string? What you put in, is what you’ll get out.

    The Semi Package will take roughly 4-6 weeks to complete and for the other Packages roughly 6-8 weeks.

    To be honest, it really depends on the time frame you have to implement your side of Dubsado, we can only do our part if you do yours.

    We will work with you to get this done; step-by-step, we will guide you along the way.

    What Are The Benefits Of Dubsado?

    1. Capture your leads and enquiries in one place, come back to them later when you might want to follow up with them
    2. Complete custom branding with headers, footers, images, colours, and more
    3. Client portals! Easy access for them to see their forms, contracts, questionnaires, resources and schedule appointments with you
    4. Automation! Bespoke workflows to suit your business needs
    5. Calendar syncing to keep you organised

    Who Is Dubsado For?

    Service-based businesses in my opinion!




    Event Planners


    Marketing Professionals

    Graphic Designers


    How Do I Know If Dubsado Is Right For Me?

    Book a FREE Discovery Call with Lee-Anne.

    Discuss what you want from Dubsado & how you want it to work for your business.

    If it’s right for you, then great, let’s decide on your bespoke package, timescales to put it into action and we’ll get a proposal over to you.

    If it’s not, we might be able to recommend other options for you. We can always explore this in a Power Hour if it’s something you want to discuss further on how to run your business efficiently and effectively.

    Either way, book a call and go from there!

    Dubsado Packages

    Semi Bespoke Dubsado Package

    Dubsado Semi Bespoke

    1 Brand
    1-hour Kick-Off Meeting
    How-To-Guide Document/Videos
    1.5 hours Implementation & Training Meeting
    Bespoke Business Operations Document
    Follow Up Email Support for 1 Month After Intensive Training Complete

    All-In Bespoke Dubsado Package

    Dubsado All-In Bespoke

    1 Brand
    Everything in the Semi Bespoke Package, plus:
    + Created By Us (up to 10 Packages, up to 10 Canned Emails, up to 10 Forms, up to 10 Payment Plans)
    + Workflows Implemented (up to 10 Workflows)
    + Additional 1-hour Zoom Meeting Follow Up To Complete Operations

    All-In Bespoke + Branding

    Dubsado All-In + Branding Bespoke

    1 Brand
    Everything in the All-In Bespoke Package plus:
    ++ Portal Branding Graphics Created in Canva (1 each Desktop & Mobile)
    ++ Form Header Graphics Created in Canva (up to 3)
    ++ Form Footer Graphics Created in Canva (up to 3)
    ++ Sub Headers (up to 6)
    ++ Logo Added to Dubsado and Portal
    * Branding Colours/Images/Graphics, provided by you to work with

    Dubsado 2 Months Support

    Dubsado 2 Months Support

    This Package is an additional add-on to any one of the main 3 Dubsado Bespoke Packages. If you don’t have the time to commit to setting things up in 1 month, this allows you to pace it over 3 months with the additional 2 months support.

    Choose a Semi, All-In, or All-In + Branding Package & Add This As Extra.

    2 x 45-Mins Zoom Meetings (1 per month)
    1 x Weekly Email Support for 2 Months

    Hopefully you’ll see the ideal package for you and you’ll know straight away which one is for you, FANTASTIC!

    If you don’t see a package for you, contact us and let us know, we welcome new ideas and want to ensure you’ve got what works for you. If you know several people who would like a Dubsado Workshop, we could consider that also, but do bear in mind this won’t be a bespoke service, this would be a general how-to training workshop. 

    *We do offer payment plans, so please let us know in the Discovery Call if this is something you would like.

    **We are limited to how many Dubsado Bespoke Packages we can take on at once, so if you have a time frame in mind please share this when booking and we’ll do the best we can.

    VA Lee-Anne

    Now, For Our New Year Offer…

      New Year 15% Off!

      Semi Bespoke £795 Now £675.75

      All-In Bespoke £1595 Now £1,355.75

      All-In + Branding Bespoke £1,895 Now £1,610.75

      2 Months Support £240 Now £204

      Code: newyeardubsado15

      *New Year Offer ends 31st January ’22, your discovery call will need to take place within the month of January to be eligible.

      New Year Offer ENDS 31st January '22! Quote Code; newyeardubsado15








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