what our clients say…

Read what our clients say about our support as Virtual Assistants; whether that’s Administration, Project Management, Dubsado Set-Up, Customer Support, Social Media… we think it’s fair to say that we are pretty good at the whole support thing, judging by what our clients have to say!

We love what we do! After all, your business means a lot to us because we wouldn’t have one without your business!

So, THANK YOU, to each and every one of you!

What Our Clients Say

what people really think about working with us…

What Our Clients Say

— Katie Phillips

“After interviewing several applicants, Lee-Anne just stood out as the woman that I knew could support me and my business with our Social Media requirements.

Lee-Anne and her team plan and schedule multiple social platforms for me to ensure my business has a solid daily presence.

They have also been so integral to the launch of my regular 5-day ‘Meet Your Soul Mate’ Challenge which is fuelled by 100% organic reach.

Lee-Anne is an absolute joy to work with. She is super-efficient and totally gets my work (which is important to me). I love her passion and enthusiasm for her contribution to my business – it means a lot to me to have her on my team. I couldn’t do it without her!”


— Helen Campbell

“Lee-Anne looks after my diary, collaborates with me to create my newsletter, helps my clients to set up payments, and much more.

She also listens to my ideas, helps me bring them to life and keeps our plans on track.

And it’s not just about completing tasks of course: Lee-Anne brings her positive energy to the work we do and she’s an important part of my freelance team. Lee-Anne, I appreciate and value all your hard work.

Pals, I’d definitely recommend Lee-Anne to other founders, she’s a huge support to me… snap her up before she get’s too busy!


— Isabella Venour

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Lee-Anne, she has a lovely friendly and professional manner and takes time to understand what your priorities are.

The work she delivers is of a high standard and tailored to you and your business.

I would recommend working with Lee-Anne to any entrepreneur.

The most valuable part was delivering good quality work on time. I enjoyed, especially at the start how proactive Lee-Anne was in suggesting additional ways to deliver work or a goal.

Lee-Anne is supportive and a time-saver.

Thank you for your hard work and support Lee-Anne.

What Our Clients Say

— Sandra Garlick

“When I put out an advert for a VA for Woman Who, I was flooded with applications. 

However, Lee-Anne’s email stood out about the rest. She specifically addressed each and every aspect of the role, demonstrating her attention to detail, and was so honest about the work she could and couldn’t undertake. 

She provided me with VA services for nearly a year and was so reliable and efficient, often thinking about what I needed to do next… before I even asked.

I would highly recommend Citrine VA.

Thank you, Lee-Anne for your amazing support.”

What Our Clients Say

— Anonymous

“Lee-Anne was able to fulfil my ad-hoc project to my required deadline, with a positive and helpful approach.

I would be delighted to work with Lee-Anne on future projects.

Lee-Anne’s knowledge of contracts from working on them previously meant an efficient turnaround.

Lee-Anne is helpful, efficient and friendly!

What Our Clients Say

— Jayne Williams

“Lee-Anne and I were Ambassadors together for the fantastic Buzz networking group. To be precise, it was Warwickshire Buzz. 

Lee-Anne was organised, calm and personable to all of the regular and new guests who attended. Always happy and smiling.

Lee-Anne made a memorable impression on me with how she helped to make things flow so effortlessly. Approachable and communication at all times, including when we had over 50 people in the room. 

I look forward to us working side by side again.”

What Our Clients Say

— Sarah German

“Lee-Anne partnered with me to provide social media for a client. 

Lee-Anne is extremely reliable. She is very knowledgeable about Social Media and all her work is of a high standard. 

I would not hesitate in recommending Lee-Anne for Social Media Strategy and Management in the future. “

What Our Clients Say

— Anonymous

“Lee-Anne was really helpful when it came to managing our admin tasks.

We are so busy with clients at the moment that it is hard to keep on top of our admin (both for our company and also client admin) so it was really helpful having Lee-Anne on hand to help with this, she did a fantastic job!

I would recommend Citrine VA to other business owners; Helpful, Efficient & Professional!

What Our Clients Say

— Andrea Love

“Lee-Anne helped us out on a Social Media Management campaign during one of our busiest times.

She was very organised and flexible to our needs. Her work was accurate and timely. We were particularly impressed with how quickly she adapted to our business and fitted in like one of the team. The added bonus for us was to be able to book her for only the hours that we needed. 

We were very satisfied with the results and would recommend Citrine VA to all individuals and companies. The services offered by Lee-Anne are invaluable if you need admin tasks doing, that you do not have enough time for. In addition, ad-hoc hours can save you the high costs of hiring and employee. Or like us, if you need some virtual assistance for a short time or during the holiday season to cover your existing employees.

We met at a local Business Networking Grop, something I’m grateful for and we can now vouch that ‘networking really does work’!

We had never used a Virtual Assistant before but are glad we did! Lee-Anne is friendly and worked well with all of us!”

What Our Clients Say

— Leslie Russell

“Lee-Anne was a huge ray of sunshine and tremendous support to me as my Virtual Assistant.

She assessed my needs as a new business owner and created a Social Media campaign that I could have never orchestrated on my own with my busy schedule. I felt truly cared for, which is such a unique and refreshing quality in today’s commoditized Virtual world…

Lee-Anne is simply awesome! I highly recommend her!”

What Our Clients Say

— Maddalena Rodolfi

“Citrine VA was so valuable to me, being heard and supported, as well as having someone accountable to rely on was so supportive.

I really enjoyed working with Lee-Anne. She is trustworthy, reliable, totally organised and to the point.

She is the missing part in my creative intuitive work.

Absolutely recommended if you need structure and guidance with motherly care.

Thank you Lee-Anne!

What Our Clients Say

— Sally Murphy

“Lee-Anne was contracted to our company to grow and develop our client base through relevant Social Media platforms. 

She already had in-depth knowledge about our customers and was able to raise our company profile through creating a strategic marketing process through Facebook and Instagram. 

Not only did our company grow locally but also UK-wide! 

In addition, Lee-Anne managed our customer emails, designed Mailchimp newsletters in accordance with GDPR, and completed other various administrative tasks.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!”

What Our Clients Say

— Annonymous

” I am so grateful for the work Lee-Anne put into supporting me in my business and also helping me grow the community.

Lee-Anne is lovely, easy to talk to, easy to delegate tasks to, and great at identifying what could be useful for me to delegate when I’ve needed that extra bit of help.

I would highly recommend getting a VA, and it should be Lee-Anne!”

What Our Clients Say

— Kiara Harper

“Lee-Anne was a great help when I launched SQUIRHILL in January 2019, from making new customers feel welcome to content sharing through social media and attending local networking events as a SQUIRHILL representative.

Lee-Anne is reliable, flexible and approachable, which was key in the role, often being the first point of customer contact.”